One of a kind.

Almost 40 years in the business, we have made some odd stuff.  It is always fun and challenging to do an "odd duck" project.  For example, we've made cow bras. Yes, it is exactly what you think it is. A bra, for a cow that needed support. 

Bongo covers, leather cockpit cover for a 1914 airplane used in WWI, an inflatable beating heart for a billboard, an awning shaped liked a giant book, cadaver covers, cockpit cover for a 1914 Jaguar, zip on screen vests for dogs post-surgery, a display in the shape of a boat, a 14' movable "X" shaped target for prison and police target practice, dog sled enclosures for the Iditarod, fitted canoe covers for Verlen Kruger's team in the Ultimate Canoe Challenge, pickup bed liner to transport wildlife carcasses, tail bags to catch road "apples", a cover for a boom microphone truck used while filming in Detroit, wearable canvas tent as a Halloween costume, the list goes on...

If you're told it can't be made, let us give it a try.

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