Develop a solution.

Speciality applications are what Canvasback does best.  If you have a problem on the manufacturing floor or the maintenance department we can help.  From organizing parts, to speeding up the assembly process, to structures or insulation to control energy loss, we can work with you to design a solution to meet your needs.

We've done everything from an inflatable beating heart, kiln covers the size of a football field,  enclosure for a Gerber laser inspection machine, a boom microphone trolley for movie sets,  automotive assembly line assistance with kit bags,  heat retention for heat pipe systems, mezzanine curtains for Breslin Center and much more. 

Specializing in addressing the challenges within industry with products such as heat control, filtration, speciality structures, steam pipe wrap, and temperature control products.  Fire rated fabrics of all degrees, cooling covers, padding, parts organizers, kiln covers, automative hand tool covers, area dividers, smoking shelters, and more.    We create products that offer protection to reduce scratch and dents in industrial settings as well. 

In the field of healthcare we create cadaver tray covers, retractable MRI enclosures, medical supply cart covers, anti-fungicidal mattress covers, emergency room backboard storage shelters, temperature control enclosed entrances, heated light walkways and more. 




Fabrics that can withstand temperatures of 1500 degrees, chemical resistant vinyls, insultated fabrics, and many more types of speciality fabrics for any application. 

Each application is unique, we're not limited to any specific industry or type.  

We work with you to develop hardware solutions for your specific application. 

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