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Need a bug bra for your new motorcoach?  Canvasback can fit one in any color that you like.  How about a zippered nose enclosure for your fifth wheel so you can store your bike out of sight?  Need new fabric on your RV awning?  Is your bump out awning ragged and leaking?  We can refit or refurbish with in- and out- same day service. 

We have 30 years experience helping get families ready for vacation!  

We make and/or repair screen rooms, add-a-rooms, tents, RV awnings, RV bras, wheel covers, ATV enclosures, awnings for slide-outs, Gator enclosures, golf cart enclosures, bike covers, shades, tonneau covers, sleepign bags, cots, hammocks, screens, vinyl windows, zippers, holes, upholstery, cushion covers, winter covers, snowmobile seat, personal watercraft seats, seat covers, wheel skirts, tire covers, gazebo tops and enclosures, outdoor furniture cushions and covers, backpacks, and everything in between.  Whatever we've forgotten, yes, we can make and/or repair it!




Modern fabrics are colorfast, durable and can last for years.  There are woven acrylics, vinyls and hundreds of speciality fabrics for unique applications. 

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We offer a variety of hardware to meet your needs. 

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